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The Big Lie About Nuclear Waste - die große Lüge über Atommüll!!!

Ein leider nur englisches Video, das aufzeigt, dass es schon seit den 1960er Jahren eine Möglichkeit gibt, radioaktiven Müll zu recyclen und zu neuer Energie umzuwandeln - es bleibt nur ein gringer Rest Atommüll mit relativ wenig Radioaktivität!!!
Nuclear waste is scary. Maybe you’ve seen it as glowing green goop in The Simpsons, or as a radioactive threat on the news. Either way, you likely know it has been a major block to the use and improvement of nuclear power. Over the last few decades, experts, politicians and the public have had heated debates over what to do with this radioactive material created by nuclear power plants. But what if there were a way to not just store nuclear waste, but actually USE it? This video is about the effort to make electricity out of nuclear waste. Really. It turns out, we developed the tools to do this decades ago. This story is about a technology we left behind and the people who want to bring it back. For this video, I had the privilege of visiting one of the largest and oldest research centers in the US, the Argonne National Laboratory. I’m incredibly grateful to the researchers and staff I met there, and for their time in showing me their work. I also had the opportunity to speak with representatives from Oklo, a company working on new forms of nuclear power, including recycling nuclear waste as fuel. One of the best parts of making Huge If True is meeting and learning from people pushing what we can do in the hopes of improving the world for everyone else.


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